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Her Puppies Died In A Fire, Then She Received The Greatest Gift

A dog named Daisy experienced the proudest moment of her life when she gave birth to a of seven cute & adorable puppies. But that great moment turned into a horrible one when the puppies passed away in a barn fire. Daisy was absolutely devastated and heartbroken over losing her pups. She would go down to the barn to look for them and would just sit there waiting for them. She was so upset that she even stopped eating. They knew they had to do something about this to help Daisy feel better. Around the same time, a dog died in surgery trying to give birth to two more puppies after delivering eight. The dog’s owner, Deanna Murphy-Vest’s mom, and...

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New Yorkers Hilarious Solution to Subway Dog Bans

So New York City Subway had decided to implement a new rule which prohibits dogs on the subway, unless they fit into a bag! It obviously implied that big dogs couldn’t travel through the subway. However, since they didn’t really put up any weight limitations in the rule, these dog owners managed to bend the rule and still got away with it! Thanks to their brilliant owners, these dogs travelled free and comfortably while still looking adorable through the subway. Scroll down to see exactly how these New Yorkers undermined the new rule! Travel with style! Cheeky pug Awww This dog is definitely going to protect his bag! He looked so happy being inside that bag! You have to do...

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A Little Girl & Her Service Dog

When BarkPost heard about this little girl’s story of how her service dog, George, helped her walk again, they knew he was more than deserving of their “Dog’s Best Day” honor. Bella, an 11-years-old, suffers from a rare progressive disorder called Morquio Syndrome, which affects her mobility. Her mother decided that she needed a service animal, and Bella fell in love with her new best friend, George, while volunteering at Service Dog Project, Inc. Since that day, the two have been inseparable and Bella goes on to say in the video that she knew when she met George that he needed her as much as she needed him. Now, Bella wants to give back to George for all he has...

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Enjoying A Bath

I am sure some of you have seen the viral video of a puppy falling asleep while having a bath. It is truly adorable, but many does not know that this puppy had been abandoned in a bag in a dumpster just a few weeks earlier with two other siblings. These poor puppies were handed to the Dallas animal services who contacted Claire Fowler, who is a volunteer at the DFW Rescue Me animal shelter, an organisation that saves dog that are about to be euthanised, orphaned, or abused. When the puppies arrived, they were covered in fleas. "We have to keep them clean since flea anemia can actually kill puppies quite quickly,” said Claire. After a few days, the adorable...

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My Dog Is Home Alone

5 Step Treatment Plan for Separation Anxiety! Teach Your Dog The Meaning of Bed. Throw a treat into your dog's bed as you pointed to it and say "bed!". Don't say anything else! Then repeat this at least 10 times and praising your dog when they go to their bed. Teach Your Dog to Love Being On Their Bed. Throw treats into your dog's bed regularly without them seeing. Praise and pat your dog whenever they are in their bed. Send your dog to their bed 20 times a day with the "bed" cue. Teach Your Dog to Lay Down On Their Bed Even When You Walk Away. Throw a treat into your dog's bed as you pointed to it...

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